Community Projects

Kick4LiveWildlife – The Chem Chem League


We have created the Chem Chem League and the “kick4WildLife” cup. Each of the 8 villages involved in our conservancy area will have one team represented at the cup. Each team is equipped with T-shirts, shorts and soccer balls. They also receive a number of supporter T-shirts. We are building a soccer field in the main village, where the games will be held at the end of October.

Goodluck, the head pastry chef at Chem Chem Lodge, approached us with the idea to create a Chem Chem Soccer League in the region. He is a soccer fanatic, so it seemed only natural that he would want everyone in the area to enjoy the sport.We immediately got hooked on the idea and “kicked off”. Goodluck heads up the organisation of the soccer tournament.

Community Prjects MainTo support the tournament, soccer balls are needed, as well as the building of proper soccer fields in each village. The cost for building a proper soccer field is about USD 900. The cost of equipping a team with T-shirts, shorts and balls is about USD 200.