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By simply choosing this pristinely beautiful, wild part of Africa as your safari destination, you have a resounding impact on the people, landscape and wildlife that live here: a resoundingly positive impact. Allow this impact to go deeper with LiveWildlife – a non-profit foundation devoted to protecting wildlife and improving the lives of the communities surrounding this privileged wildlife concession.

Born out of a deep passion for Tanzania’s incredible natural heritage and an innate understanding of the area’s need for healthy, sustainable economic and social development, LiveWildlife has developed a number of targeted wildlife conservation and education-based projects.

LiveWildlife engages in targeted environmentaleducation and community projects that each support the philosophy that we need to change from spectators of nature, to active participants in it.


Elephants never forget!

A Big Step

27th August 2013

We are proud to announce that Fabia and Nicolas have succeeded in winning the International Foundation for the Conservation of Wildlife (IGF) for their conservation project involving the local communities.